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  • You pick two toys each shipment
  • We mail cleaned & sanitized toys
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Keeps Them Off Digital Screens
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Get a break,
See your child develop real skills while getting some Me-Time!
Make a Child-In-Need Smile!
We donate a toy to a child-in-need when you join and help the environment by re-cycling toys.

Personalized for your Child

Our child development experts curate a selection of toys that foster creativity, curiosity and others vital skills for children. Our library grows each month with the newest and most educational toys that come to market.

Since every child is unique, we learn about your child’s play preferences and needs and suggest the most appropriate toys for each child!

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500+ toys from the best brands

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500+ toys from the best brands


We have been members for a year now & it has been AMAZING! -Nicole G.

Super awesome program, highly recommended. -Amanda R.

My son is 7 and just can't wait to get the next toys in the mail. This is such a success in our family he’s happy playing and I get my ME time :-) -Sharon M.


We have been members for a year now & it has been AMAZING! -Courtney

Super awesome program, highly recommended. -Noah

Our kids watch for the mail because they are excited about their new toys. -Jake

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We deliver safe, sanitized toys!

With 1,200,000+ rented toys, we never experienced an issue with our cleaning process.

Our cleaning and sanitization process meets the highest cleaning standards to ensure that toys are germ free and disinfected. We use ultrasonic baths and clean wooden toys with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anti-bacterial wipes.

Play with an impact

For every new sign-up, ToyLibrary donates a toy to a child in need.

Also, by using ToyLibrary, you protect our planet with fewer toys in landfills.

Our toys donated to Second Chance Toys